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A company managed by travel professionals associated with the Travel Industry for over two decades. Travel Trade Representations excels in providing and facilitating business solutions for Representations and Marketing in India. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, we have offices in Delhi and Mumbai. Travel Trade Representation is today geared to represent cities, Hotels, states, nations, and tourism boards seeking to boost trade flows from India.Travel Trade Representations can help establish a strong presence in the local market for its principals.

About – Outbound from India

As the Indian Travel and Tourism Industry grows from 100 US$ billion in 2008 US$275.5 billion by 2018 with an impressive 9.4% annual growth rate, there are several Global Hospitality and Tourism brands setting up presence in India.

In 2016, approximately 23 million Indian travelers are expected to travel outside of their country spending billions of dollars. With double digit annual growth forecast over the next few years, this market is expected to grow to 50 Million by 2020 according to UNWTO.

India is emerging as a strong contender and has an advantage in that its growth is more likely to keep pace with the ability of the aviation market to service it through increased capacity. In 2014 around 18 million visitors travelled outbound from India, a rise of almost 40 percent on official figures recorded for 2009. Business travel, unsurprisingly, continues to dominate. With India’s GDP growth rate now overtaking China’s, INDIA is now the star performer in the BRICS grouping.

Outbound marketing is a marketing strategy that is implemented by companies, to promote their products or services. Outbound marketing involves contacting prospective customers/clients such a Travel Agencies, tour operators, corporate, through referrals, emails, cold calling, Television commercials, and paper or media/banner advertisements. Outbound marketing is a target based marketing that pushes products or services on to customers. Today the social lead targeting is giving new life to outbound marketing strategies by enabling the companies in evaluating the data generated in the social web in getting it targeted, prioritized to the ultimate targeted audience.

Who are the clients for Outbound Marketing Companies?

It is the state tourism board of various countries looking at tourism from India, prominent hotel brands and travel companies are looking at establishing themselves in the Indian Market to get a fair share of the growing and emerging outbound markets such as India. Canadian Tourism Commission, Munich Tourism, Macau Tourism, Dubai Tourism, Thailand Tourism are a few of such examples.

Similarly prominent hotel brands establish their presence with companies such as ours, which provides them solution in establishing their market presence and help them in their sales and market presence.

Our Services

We provide Travel marketing services, market research and analysis, brining brand awareness, product position, generating sales, using social media in promotion of product and in generating sales for clients.

Mission Statement


Providing representation services across India for Hotels, Travel companies, Tourism boards, tourist destinations and cities. We are geared to offer our clients our expertise since 2009 in the area of sales and marketing. We have a track record in revenue development and business growth for our clients.

Our team is dedicated to offer services un-parallel to others, with focus on brand awareness, building relationship with major players, travel agents, wholesale tour operators, corporate, Wedding planners and MICE companies in addition to participating in road shows, providing market intelligence to our clients, all the while leading to growth in revenue and business for our clients.

Our sales and marketing team is experienced with access to a large data base of customer and help our clients achieve market penetration with definitive results.

our Experience


Travel Trade Representations is experienced in representing Hotels with presence in South Asia since 2009 till 2016.

It has been instrumental in offering marketing and increase in sales for the following brands and in generating business from India. India ranked as the second largest feeder market.


Amari Hotels and Resorts

with properties in Thailand, Dhaka, Qatar, Maldives


OZO Hotels

with properties in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Thailand



with properties in China, Hong Kong and Thailand


Mosiac Collection

with properties in Thailand

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